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Premium Webcast Services offer fully managed Corporate Communications Live or Pre-recorded or a combination of both.   A webcast presentation can be an Audio webcast usually in combination with slides; or a video webcast in combination with slides.  A premium webcast service will also provide Video Production Services from a studio or on-premise at a live event.   In addition the services will include: Pre-Event; Live-Event; and, Post-Event Support.  These services have lists of features that can provide a Custom Registration Microsite or Registration API; Creative Services; Custom Production/ Engineering and onsite support. Other services include: Analytics Reports of your Event from Registration through the Live console inter-activity of attendees;  Archival and Replay services;  and, other custom services unique to you event.  Here are a couple of services that you can look at: [click on the highlighted text for more info]

 ON24   for a review of this service and consultation


ON24-Webcasting   Features Overview

…or,  a competing Premium Webcast Service

Intercall Webcast Studio Services  For a consultation with a Webcast Event Specialist


Intercall Webcast Streaming  Features Overview

CREATE YOUR OWN WEBCAST  For small businesses who prefer to launch a self-managed webcast on a budget; here are 2 options to look at:

Manage your own Webcast

  1. Easily create a live compelling webcast event with video, sound and PowerPoint.
  2. Upload your recorded video production to your Company Social Media Sites.
  3. Broadcast your message via video newsletters.

Another option is basically a screen sharing tool with webcam video streaming; this company Meeting Burner says you can host up to 1000 attendees. This is best as a one to many presentation while using chat messages for Q&A.

Free Web Meeting Tool up to 10 attendees; upgrade to Premier for Webinars or Webcasts to 1000 attendees…

  • Instant Screen sharing Tool with Audio Conferencing included
  • Streaming Video of the Host
  • Instantly change Presenters
  • Customizable Meeting Registration Page with Automated Email Reminders
  • Facebook Promotion Tools and Registration Widget
Webcasting & Webinars:

add video to teleconference meetings

According to the Weiss-McGrath Report “Seventy two hours after a presentation: People retain only 10% of what they hear in 'oral' presentations (audio only). They retain 20% of what they see in a visual presentation (no audio accompanying visuals). BUT…people retain higher than 65% of what they experience in an oral and visual presentation”.

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