Global Network Access

Stay connected Worldwide

Global Network Access makes your conferences simple for you and the people dialing into your call.

  • Ease-of-use: You receive a single list of permanent international numbers in all regions, including toll (local access worldwide) and toll-free numbers.
  • Uniformity: All users, no matter which region they are in, have the exact same service, call flow and conference call features available to them.
  • Consistency: Your conferencing account, provides access across all regions and around the globe to TCC Online ( your conference portal), to all your recordings, and audio integration with your web services and all other services.
  • Cost saving: Your conference calls are directed into the conference center that is least expensive for you.

The Network Makes the Difference

Rely on InterCall’s network systems and our 24/7 global support to keep your conference call participants connected regardless of their location.

  • InterCall, the largest conferencing provider in the world, is the first in the market to provide this cost effective global solution that intelligently links people internationally by using a mechanism that is more advanced from the industry’s standard.
  • Global Network Access provides local dial-in and bridging for regions with multi-site bridging via dedicated IP connectivity versus everyone dialing into one central bridge.

We control our network.

  • Extend the management and control of your experience to the network’s edge.
  • Clean up the voice quality before it enters our managed network.
  • Optimize transport to decrease latency and increase voice quality.
  • Extensive testing has been performed on over 7,000 calls from start to finish in numerous countries and environments to ensure the utmost quality of our Global Network Access service.
    1. After only 10 days of testing and adjustments to improve our systems, we had all perfect and nearly perfect calls.
    2. 97.4% of our Global Network Access calls were rated as either perfect or near perfect while 93.3% of our traditional International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) calls were rated as perfect or near perfect.
    3. A third-party survey found that 93.4% of calls using Global Network Access were rated as acceptable and above by unbiased users.

Looking for a unified solution on a regional and global scale?

Making sure your conference call participants located around the world are on the same page can be easy and simultaneously save you money if you use InterCall’s Global Network Access. To take full advantage of all the benefits of this service, your company needs to meet these requirements.

      • Multi-national conference call user base spread across the globe.
      • Conference calls involving participants from two or more countries.
      • Multi-national company looking for a unified solution on a regional and global scale.

Start having easier, more productive conferences right from your desk.
Contact us to find out if this service is the right fit for your company or to learn more about the other international conferencing options we have to keep you connected globally.

Easy Account Set Up

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Connect on Multiple Continents

  • International Local Access in 50 cities worldwide
  • International Toll Free Service in 75 countries
  • International Dial-Out
  • Free VOIP Access PC-to-PC
  • 1-click mobile access
  • IPhone™, Blackberry™, Android Systems™
  • Schedule and launch meetings from Outlook™ and Lotus Notes™.
  • 24/7 Global Support Centers
  • Global Language Support

Seamless Integration with Multiple Web Conference Platforms

Global Network Access integrates seamlessly with WEBEX™, Adobe Connect Pro™, and InterCall Unified Meeting™ Microsoft Lync Online™

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