China Connect

Better Connections with Asia Pacific Conferences

Access from China for audio conferencing has typically been expensive, cumbersome,and unreliable. You and your participants would typically be required to dial either an out of country number or an international toll-free number to access your conferences with parties from other countries.

To make this a smoother process, InterCall, the industry leader in global conferencing,has pioneered a truly reliable and cost-effective solution for conference calls hosted in China

Communication Barriers

Other providers in the market are fully reliant on international toll-free numbers to service China-based conferencing users. In order to use these numbers you must overcome some obstacles to be connected with your participants.

  • Formatting of these numbers (10800) is not familiar to China-based conferencing users causing unnecessary confusion.
  • China’s telecom infrastructure requires different international toll-free numbers for China Netcom and China Telecom, creating the necessity for two different numbers for the same country.
  • Callers dialing the international toll-free numbers have the chance of incurring international IDD rates.
  • International toll-free numbers tend to be expensive, especially for the volume of minutes occurring with this critical, emerging market.

ChinaConnect Is the Ideal Solution

With ChinaConnect, these issues are no longer a problem. To help you stay connected we offer a service that allows easy access for you and your participants to conference calls based in China. With ChinaConnect, you get:

  • Standard 800 national toll-free number that is universally accessible with all network carriers and all regions within China.
  • Local 400 mobile service number allowing you the ability to join a conference call via any mobile carrier in China without expensive IDD charges.
  • Full integration with our extensive global network of local access and in-country toll free numbers to ensure full international connectivity.

Easy Account Set Up

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Connect on Multiple Continents

  • International Local Access in 50 cities worldwide
  • International Toll Free Service in 75 countries
  • International Dial-Out
  • Free VOIP Access PC-to-PC
  • 1-click mobile access
  • IPhone™, Blackberry™, Android Systems™
  • Schedule and launch meetings from Outlook™ and Lotus Notes™.
  • 24/7 Global Support Centers
  • Global Language Support

Seamless Integration with Multiple Web Conference Platforms

Global Network Access integrates seamlessly with WEBEX™, Adobe Connect Pro™, and InterCall Unified Meeting™ Microsoft Lync Online™

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