Mexico Connect

Better Connections with Latin America

InterCall, the industry leader in global conferencing, is pleased to offer the newest option for toll-free dialing in Mexico. Mexico Connect is our new solution to acilitate conference calls with you and your participants based in Mexico.

Communication Barriers

In order to use the current numbers you must overcome some obstacles to be connected with your participants. Historically, Mexico International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) numbers may have challenged you with the following limitations:

  • The numbers are often confused with U.S-based numbers within Mexico due to the 001 number formats, spurring local carriers to charge Mexico ITFS usage at a higher international long distance rate. This service has also been subject to number blocking on local Mexico PBXs to avoid international long distance charges.
  • The numbers are often restricted for mobile access and availability varies by local carrier.

Mexico Connect Is the Ideal Solution

With Mexico Connect, these issues are no longer a problem. To help you stay connected we offer a service that allows easy access for you and your participants to conference calls based in Mexico. With Mexico Connect, you get:

  • A truly ‘in-country’ toll-free solution.
  • A toll-free number accessible from all carriers.
  • Mobile access throughout Mexico.

Begin using Mexico Connect today at no additional cost to your existing Mexico ITFS number! Simply view a complete list of your dial-in numbers at InterCall Online and look for the 01800 formatted Mexico dial-in number. Need help finding your dial-in numbers? Read this user guide with step-by-step instructions.


    • Start having easier, more productive conferences right from your desk. You can
      rely on InterCall’s innovative products and years of experience to help you conquer
      the struggle of keeping your communication lines open internationally.


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Connect on Multiple Continents

  • International Local Access in 50 cities worldwide
  • International Toll Free Service in 75 countries
  • International Dial-Out
  • Free VOIP Access PC-to-PC
  • 1-click mobile access
  • IPhone™, Blackberry™, Android Systems™
  • Schedule and launch meetings from Outlook™ and Lotus Notes™.
  • 24/7 Global Support Centers
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Seamless Integration with Multiple Web Conference Platforms

Global Network Access integrates seamlessly with WEBEX™, Adobe Connect Pro™, and InterCall Unified Meeting™ Microsoft Lync Online™

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