Operator Assisted Conferencing

Successful, high-profile conferences don’t just happen. They require countless hours of planning and relentless attention to detail. If you’re in the hot seat, managing a high profile conference is a high-stakes, high-stress assignment. There’s a great deal at risk: content details, participant management, speaker preparation and follow-up. These events need to be executed flawlessly in order to ensure their success. From large-scale investor relations calls to small board-of-directors meetings, and everything in between, count on our dedicated operator to work with you step-by-step, providing the help you need before, during and after your conference.


Rely on knowledgeable specialists to ensure that your meeting comes off
without a hitch. The InterCall Event team is available to assist you with all aspects of planning
your conference event.

  • Get everyone on the same page by using our fax, email or voice broadcast services to disseminate relevant information to all participants.
  • Add an extra layer of security and make sure only invited participants attend the conference by issuing a password that’s required to join the call.
  • Set a formal tone for your call by using music entry. All participants are placed on music hold until you are ready to begin the conference.
  • Maintain order during your conference by having the operator run the call in lecture mode. Participants’ lines are muted during the call to ensure there are no interruptions.


Keep your conference on track by knowing who is on your call and engaging your
participants. An expert operator is always available to immediately respond to requests or
offer assistance.

  • Use EncoreSM to digitally record your call for future playback and for those who were unable to attend it live. The call can be played back by dialing a toll-free or toll number for easy 24/7 access.
  • Request the roll call option for smaller, more formal conferences. An expert operator will conduct a quick roll call before your conference begins to ensure that expected participants are on the line.
  • Increase interaction and engage your participants during your conference by using the polling option. Survey participants by asking pre-determined questions and get the results before the call is over.
  • Use a communication line during your call to privately speak with the lead operator and manage the behind-the-scenes issues.
  • Easily control your conference with keypad commands that allow you to summon an operator, mute/unmute all lines, mute/unmute your own line or lock the conference.


After your conference, access comprehensive post-conference reports that provide detailed participant information and feedback

  • Learn who listened to your recorded conference from an Encore Report.
  • Keep track of call participants with Participant Report – a handy list of participants’names, “on-the-line” times, phone numbers and up to four additional pieces of information you choose.
  • Receive a professional transcription of what was said on your call. Choose from our Rush, Express, Priority or Standard delivery service

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Connect on Multiple Continents

  • International Local Access in 50 cities worldwide
  • International Toll Free Service in 75 countries
  • International Dial-Out
  • Free VOIP Access PC-to-PC
  • 1-click mobile access
  • IPhone™, Blackberry™, Android Systems™
  • Schedule and launch meetings from Outlook™ and Lotus Notes™.
  • 24/7 Global Support Centers
  • Global Language Support

Seamless Integration with Multiple Web Conference Platforms

Global Network Access integrates seamlessly with WEBEX™, Adobe Connect Pro™, and InterCall Unified Meeting™ Microsoft Lync Online™

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