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Produce your own Large or Small Webcast

Easily Create a compelling event with video, sound and PowerPoint. Proclaim is a rich media webcast communication tool designed for professional communicators, adding PowerPoint slides and rich media clips to any presentation.

Stream your video messages to audiences conveniently from your content Library

Easily create and archive recorded video messages that are available on demand or roll your pre-recorded video into  live meetings with a single click.

stores a library of video and audio content and PowerPoint slides to roll in at any time to complement the presentation. You call on just the right rich media pieces from your playlist to add substance and style to each personalized video meeting. Live meetings allow for personal interaction with video or text chat, and recorded video messages give the recipient the convenience of viewing anytime.


Easily use pre-recorded or live video in your everyday interactive Meetings

Business professionals are eager to incorporate video for sales, marketing and corporate communications in live online web presentations, and Proclaim gives users that power without requiring an advanced degree in video production.

Add Video to your meetings to:

  • Get your company message across to clients.
  • Engage your prospects
  • Enhance your Marketing Presentations
  • Improve Training Sessions
  • Create dynamic Investor Relations Meetings
  • And much more…


Sell your product or service with Video Messaging

Video messaging represents a whole new way for business to communicate their products and company image. Upload your video to your Company Social Media sites or broadcast your message via video newsletters. Proclaim’s simplicity in combining personal video messaging with other prepared slide content, pre-edited video, registration and statistical tracking represents an innovative technology service that enables a whole new style for sharing information with your prospects and customers.

Research has shown that short engaging video messages are very effective for corporate communications. When someone sees your face and hears you talking, it makes a world of difference over an e-mail or a phone call. Add to that video clips of customer testimonials, product shots and the like, and you have a pretty compelling package. With video, you make a meaningful connection and you stand out from the crowd. For people who work in sales, video messages offer an easy and cost-effective way to stand out and give a boost to the sales cycle.

Easily manage your content

You can upload a deck of PowerPoint slides (.ppt), Streaming Flash Video (.flv), Windows Media Video (.wmv), MPEG formats (.mp4, .m4v. .mov. .mpg), and AVI (.avi). Registration and password capabilities can be added at any time. This product also includes statistics for instant response feedback from your prospects, a manage messages hub, and a playlist of your content.



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  • Easily create a live compelling webcast event with video, sound and PowerPoint.
  • Upload your recorded video production to your Company Social Media Sites.
  • Broadcast your message via video newsletters.