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Small business office 365Microsoft® Office 365, offered by USA Coferencing an lnterCall Authorized Partner, will deliver the power of cloud productivity to small businesses , helping save time and money while freeing valued resources. Office 365 combines the familiar Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of nextgeneration communications and collaboration services: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Office Professional.



Access email, calendar, and contacts from virtually anywhere, at any time, on desktops,
laptops, and mobile devices**-whi le protecting against viruses and spam.

  1.   Work from virtually anywhere
  2.    Easily manage email


Access and share documents and insights, contacts, calendars, and tasks in a single location, from a shared computer or smartphone.

  1.   Simplify scheduling
  2.   Business-class security
  3.   Store and share files and document
  4.   Collaborate with colleagues and partners


  1.   Access documents from your mobile devices
  2.   Manage, share and edit Microsoft Access databases online
  3.   Find and quickly connect with the right person through instant messaging (IM)
  4.   Connect with Lync video calls from within the Office applications you already use
  5.   Connect from virtually anywhere
  6.   Conduct online meetings
  7.   Share your desktop, whiteboard and presentations
  8.   Quick one-step-click-to-communicate

In addition, Lync Online, offered by lnterCall, is integrated with our award winning audio
conferencing platform, and features complete audio integration for enhanced in-call control:

  1.  Call scheduling via Outlook®
  2.  PSTN dial-in and dial-out
  3.  Mute/unmute
  4.   Lock/unlock
  5.  End conference
  6.  VoiP/PSTN integration,  including mixed recording
  7. *0 in-call support


Convenient online companions to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Access, Info Path, Publisher and OneNote that offer you an easy way to
access, view, and edit documents directly in your web browser.

  1. Simultaneously edit in Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  2.  Mobile access
  3. Consistent formatting from desktop to web

* Features vary by plan and packaging. Please read on for more information and pricing.

**Access from mobile devices requires Wi-Fi capability or depends on carrier network availability. Each component of Office 365 has different plans and features designed to meet the needs of a variety of business users, from small businesses to the enterprise.

Features by Plan

Each component of Office 365 has different plans and features designed to meet the needs of a variety of business users, from small businesses to the enterprise.


Exchange Plan 1

  • Email, calendar, contacts, discovery, AV/AS

Exchange Plan 2

  • All of the above plus voicemail and archiving


SharePoint Plan 1

  • Advanced portal for collaboration, antivirus

SharePoint Plan 2

  • All of the above plus forms, data visualization, Access/Excel/Visio services

Microsoft®Lync Online

 Lync Plan 1

  • Instant messaging and presence, audio video (PTP)

  Lync Plan 2

  • Virtual meetings (web conferencing)


Office Professional Plus

  • Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, lnfoPath, Publisher and OneNote

Office web apps plan 1

  • SharePoint 1, Online access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel

Office web apps plan 2

  • sharePoint 2, Online access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel


Pricing and Packaging

All rates below are per user license/per month and billed monthlyone month in advance. the term minimum is one year.

Microsoft®office 365 Suites

Productivity (Plan E1)    Rate $13

Plan E1 includes:

  1. Exchange Plan 1
  2.  SharePoint Plan 1
  3.  Lync Plan 2

 Productivity Plus (Plan E2)  Rate $21

  1. Exchange Plan 1
  2. SharePoint Plan 1
  3. Lync Plan 2
  4. Office Web Apps

Productivity Premium (Plan E3)  Rate $32

  1.  Exchange Plan 2
  2.  SharePoint Plan 2
  3.  Lync Plan 2
  4. Office ProPlus
  5. Office Web Apps

Shared Desktop Options

Shared Desktop (Plan K1) Rate $5.50

  1. SharePoint Online Kiosk
  2. Exchange Online Kiosk

Premium Shared Desktop (Plan K2) Rate $13.00

  1.  SharePoint Online Kiosk
  2.  Exchange Online Kiosk
  3.  Office Web Apps

Standalone Options

 Exchange Online (Plan 1)  Rate $7.00

 Exchange Online (Plan 2)  Rate $13.00

 Exchange Online Archiving  Rate $5.50

 Exchange Online Kiosk  Rate $3.00

 Exchange Online POP  Rate $0.045

 Lync Online (Plan 1)  Rate $3.00

 Lync Online (Plan 2)  Rate  $9.00

 Office Professional Plus  Rate  $19.00

 Office Web Apps with SharePoint Plan 1   Rate  $15.00

Please refer to your agreement for terms and conditions.


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