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With Start Video online conferencing & collaboration, marketing and sales teams in any vertical market can travel less, connect with more prospects, and build stronger relationships with distant clients. Online meetings capture the attention of customers, and enable web-based presentations that are as interactive as being in the same room.

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Team Selling – the difference between winning or losing a new customer

Professional salespeople are busy, and mobile. It’s often difficult to get the right experts in one location at the same time. With Start Video, your lead sales rep can conveniently bring in the VP, technical support and other key team members from multiple locations for an interactive and effective presentation or consultation. It may mean the difference between winning or losing a new customer.

Faster, More Efficient Product Rollouts with Live online Sessions

With Start Video web conferencing, you can instantly connect your entire sales organization for a live online session to demonstrate a new product, explore the value proposition, positioning, and more. Remote participants gain immediate access to experts from the field—asking questions and getting answers in real-time.

Share & Present all your files as if you were in the same room

Simply upload your files to the online meeting room to ensure everyone is on the same page at the same time. Start Video supports Microsoft Office® documents, video files and even multimedia files such as Adobe Flash®. With Start Video screen sharing feature, you can show your computer screen at the click of a button and be sure that everyone is looking at the same thing. Intuitively and securely collaborate on live documents via remote control.

Training & Education – record and playback your training sessions

Online training with Star Video gives New sales Reps face-to-face access to your in-house experts without leaving the field—enabling them to start meeting sales goals faster and easier than ever before. And, since scheduling is often a challenge for dispersed sales and marketing teams, Star Video features high quality recording and archiving, enabling the web meeting to be captured for later playback. Viewing previously recorded training is also a powerful refresher for many reps.

Easy and Fun to Use

Field sales teams sometimes don’t have easy access to corporate IT helpdesk resources and support. So, it helps that Start Video is browser-based, eliminating the need for software downloads and computer troubleshooting. Online meetings take place with 1-click. Not only that, but the ‘no downloads’ nature of Start Video makes life easy for prospective customers, too, allowing them to join a sales presentation with a single click in under 10 seconds. This way, the customer can focus on your value proposition, not on the method of delivery.

Start Video was designed with the user in mind. A typical conference organizer can learn the most important features within a few minutes, and 80% of the system within an hour. The key features are prominently displayed, making your first web conference an enjoyable and intuitive experience.

High Definition Quality Video with Premium Voice

Start Video features full-duplex video conferencing along with screen and file sharing, chat, session recording and much more.

1. No need to download or install software

Everything you need to web conference should already be on any computer – whether you are at work, home, or hotel.

2. Accessible from anywhere

Access needs to be quick and easy no matter where you are in the world, regardless of existing firewalls

3.  24/7 uptime

An Internet service needs to be as reliable as a desktop application – always ready, always on.

Easily Produce your own video presentation


Easily Produce your own video presentation

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  • Easy to set up and use
  • Live video & audio Streaming
  • Integrated Full Duplex VOIP
  • Integrated High resolution Video
  • Full feature recording & archiving
  • Customizable screen layouts
  • High level security
  • No downloads or Installs
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Dashboard to schedule and manage your meetings

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