The Conference Center

Save time and increase account control by taking your account management online!


For all Intercall Conferencing features associated with your account including dial-in toll free numbers,  international access numbers, and all audio and web conferencing service feature options and preferences, including billing groups, usage reports and invoices.

View or update each user’s personal account profile details and/or product feature defaults. Also manage your company’s profile, billing groups and invoice recipients at any time.

Owner profile management – As the company administrator, you can determine

the appropriate account management functions for each user. Depending on the

level of access granted, account management tools allow users to view company

and billing account information, owner contact information, project accounting

codes (PAC) and marketing settings. Owners can only make changes to their


Owner product details – You can view all Intercall conferencing features

associated with your accounts. You can manage all of your default options and

preferences from a single web page. Product details include call types, dial-in

numbers, service features and web conferencing services.

Billing account profile management –

As the company administrator, you can set up various billing groups and invoice recipients. Billing account managers can also set up new owner accounts and view individual owner usage reports and invoices.

Company profile management –

As the company administrator, you have the highest level of access and can manage the entire company site, provision billing accounts and set-up new owners.

Administer user roles –

The administer roles tool allows the company or billing account administrator to define and assign different access levels to their owners.



Numerous types of audio and web activity reports are available from The Conferencing Center to help you keep track and analyze your conferencing usage.

Reporting tools –

You now have the ability to view usage for all audio and web conferencing activity. Using the Reports menu, you can customize audio and web usage reports, set date parameters, filter information and export data to HTML or Excel formats for further analysis.

Metric reports –

These reports deliver metrics for the top 50 owners’ dial out calls, port overbooking, non-cancellation charges and more.

Audio and web activity reports –

As the company or billing account administrator, you can customize audio and web conferencing usage reports by setting date and account parameters, selecting report fields as well as specific filters to help summarize and evaluate data.

Stewardship Report –

The Stewardship Report is a comprehensive report that provides information on all products, including usage in minutes, costs, conferences and participants for the past year. The report can be run at the company, account or owner levels.

Usage Report –

The Minute Report provides information on all products, including usage in minutes and costs for a specified month. The report can be run at the company, account or owner levels.

Online Reports –

If your company has subscribed to The Conferencing Center Reports, you can select Online Reports and access even more information about your company or billing account’s activity. Contact your USA Conferencing account representative or customer support center online for more information about these additional reporting tools.

Web conferencing reports –

Allows quick access to reporting for any web conferencing product that you utilize.

View invoices –

As the administrator, you can view all company and billing account invoice history online by entering the company name or company account number and the account name or account number.


Within The Conferencing Center, you have quick access to our customer support center and customer support contact information, additional product information, frequently asked product questions, links to online demonstrations and other useful tools.


 The online conferencing tool also offers a set of pre-meeting features that give you additional flexibility in how to communicate to participants in advance of a conference. These include user registration options, email, fax and voice broadcast services, customized enunciator and operator scripts and promotional playback messages.

Registration Options

 Manage your large conferences and keep track of participants. You decide what information you would like to gather from each registrant and choose from handy options such as email reminders and custom-scripted messages. With both phone and web access to choose from, you can construct an event registration program that best suits your needs.

 Registration Options include:

 Phone Registration –

Participants register for your meeting by dialing into a branded toll-free number and leaving an RSVP for your meeting according to the parameters you define.

 Web Registration for Single Event –

Participants register for your meeting by visiting an Event Registration web site branded especially for you.

Web Registration for Multiple Events –

Participants register for multiple events by visiting an Event Registration web site branded especially for you.

Phone and Web Registration for Single Event –

Participants register for your meeting by dialing into a branded toll-free number or by visiting an Event Registration web site branded especially for you.

 Phone and Web Registration for Multiple Events –

Participants register for multiple events by dialing into a branded toll-free number or by visiting an Event Registration web site branded especially for you.

You can also put limits on the Number of Registrants you want to have access to your phone and/or web registration.

Additional charges may be applied for this registration service option. Please check with your USA Conferencing account manager or customer support center online for details.

Easy Account Set Up

Order toll free audio conferencing

Privacy Policy / Security

  • Easy Account Set up
  • Billed only when used
  • No Set Up Fees or Monthly Fees
  • Easy to use with full 24/7 Support
  • Manage your Conferences via Outlook™ or Lotus Notes™

Add Visual Impact to your Teleconference

Your meeting attendees retain significantly more of what they experience in an oral and visual teleconference meeting.
Integration with:

  • Adobe Connect Pro™
  • Webex™
  • Intercall Unified Meeting™
  • Microsoft LYNC Online™
  • No monthly fees.