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Surround The Call Features

What do you need to give your conference the most impact and get everything you need from it? By using the right combination of Surround-the-Call features with your audio or event call, you can collect valuable information, extend the life of your conference and ensure your participants have a great experience.


Online Reservations— make a reservation when it’s convenient for you. Schedule a reservation and manage your account—all online — atwww.tcconline.com.

Toll-free Reservations — dial your branded reservations line to reserve your conference over the phone. You will be connected with one of our helpful reservationists who will walk you through the process and answer any of your questions.

Event Registration — manage your large conferences and keep track of participants. You decide what information you would like to gather from each registrant and choose from handy options such as email reminders and custom-scripted messages. With both phone and web access to choose from, you can construct an event registration program that best suits your needs.

Recurring Call Scheduling — save time when conducting regularly scheduled conferences. A reservation is automatically generated for as long as you like for daily, weekly or monthly team meetings and project updates. There is no charge if you skip a conference.

Project Accounting Codes (PAC Codes)— easily bill your conferencing minutes back to your clients. PAC Codes are ideal for attorneys, consultants and other professionals who track projects by cost center. Every time you make a reservation, we can capture your expense center, department or location, which then appears on your monthly invoice.

Fax/Email Confirmation — double-check the specifics of your conference. You will receive a confirmation of your conference details by fax or email, whichever you prefer.


Voice Broadcast — send a voice message to everyone on your call’s participant list simultaneously.

Fax/Email Broadcast— send pre- or post-event information to all of your guests simultaneously via fax or email.

Web Conferencing — make your audio conference more interactive by adding visuals to your meeting. You control a slide presentation from your desktop while your audience views it over the web. Web Conferencing gives you the ability to collaborate on documents, share applications, poll your audience and take a web tour.

Streaming — broadcast your message to the widest audience possible. Your conference is accessible live via the Internet and can be archived for later playback. Present only the audio portion of your call or add slides—the choice is yours.

Encore— digitally record your call for anyone who was unable to attend it live or would like to listen again. It’s available by dialing a toll, toll-free or International Toll-Free (ITFS) number for easy, 24/7 access.

CD/Taping — capture your recorded event on a CD, cassette, microcassette or DAT. For easy navigation through your recorded conference, we also provide CD Indexing. Transcription receive a written record of what was said during the conference via email, fax or hard copy. Choose to transcribe the entire call or just the Question and Answer session. We provide several different delivery options to fit your specific needs.

PR Distribution — hold press conferences, announce a merger or acquisition or share investor conferences using our PR Distribution service. Your information is distributed to more than 200 financial web sites and press publications using our partner network.

Podcasting — allow employees, customers or colleagues to listen to your recorded conference by downloading it from the Internet to a personal audio player (iPod) or aggregator (iTunes or Juice).


International— expand your global reach with InterCall’s international conferencing solutions. We offer five methods for your international participants to join your conferencecall, including links through our international call centers, toll and toll-free accessnumbers, international local dial-in and a dial out option.

Dial Out — have an operator dial out to your participants instead of having them dial into your call. Just provide us with the names and telephone numbers of your participants and an operator will make sure they join your conference.

Lecture Mode— mute all participants’ lines during your presentation to reduce background noise, allowing you to deliver your message uninterrupted.

Direct Entry —select Direct Entry to quickly join an informal audio conference. Participants are immediately joined to the conference with open lines before the call officially begins.

Event Plus— expedite your participants’ entry into your large calls by having them join using an automated process. Instead of being greeted by an operator, participants are placed directly into the call. Assistance is still available to participants at anytime.

Music Entry —create a formal atmosphere for your conferencing by placing participants on music hold until the conference begins.

Entry/Exit Tones —hear a tone whenever a new participant enters or exits the conference. It lets everyone know that someone has joined or left the conference without interrupting the conversation.

Name Announce —have an operator announce participants’ names when they join the conference so everyone knows who is on the call and you can easily keep track of your audience.

Roll Call —have an operator broadcast the names of all participants who have joined the call so you can confirm who is in attendance.

Leader First/Last —set the tone for your conference by joining either before or after your participants. Leader First creates a friendly atmosphere by letting you join the conference before your participants, giving you the opportunity to greet them as they join the call. Leader Last places you into the after everyone else has arrived which create a formal atmosphere. Leader Last is recommended for large presentations and speaking events.


Sub-conference— allow your speakers and coordinators to join a private meeting room before the conference begins. Sub-conference lets you discuss last-minute details, side issues and other non-public information.

Communication Line— speak with an operator outside of the main conference to convey behind-the-scenes information, orchestrate guest speakers or give timing cues. A Communication Line makes it easier to manage all the details of a large conference.

Promotional Tape— send us a tape for your participants to hear while they wait for the conference to begin. A Promotional Tape sets the tone for your call and can provide participants with relevant information about the speaker or conference topic.

Interpretation— overcome language barriers with your global audience. By using either consecutive or spontaneous interpretation, provided by a highly-trained interpreter, your presentation can be rendered in almost any language during your conference call.

Relay Conference Captioning— allow participants who are deaf or who have a hearing loss to participate in a conference call. Verbal comments from the conference are captioned live so participants can read the text online. Any comments they have can be by typed for the captioner to read back to the entire conference.

Voice Talent— lend a professional touch to your high-profile conferences by using screened and trained operators to provide voice-over quality talent. Voice Talent is beneficial for media-facing events or conferences hosted by your company’s upper management.

Custom Script— craft a special message for a welcome statement, Q&A session and closing comments that an operator reads during your conference. Custom Scripts offer you another way to make your call more personal.

Encore Emporium— organize your Encore recordings in an easy-to-use, customized menu that is accessible through a toll-free number. Encore Emporium is frequently used to organize training lectures and sales updates.

Encore Digital Recording Studio— deliver your message without holding a conference call. Record, review and edit your message by dialing into the Encore recording system and using your telephone keypad to enter commands. The recording is accessible 24/7 by dialing a toll-free number. Digital Recording Studio is an easy and flexible way to craft messages for your audience.

Group Mute/Unmute— reduce background noise and limits interruptions during your conference by silencing all participants’ lines using a keypad command on your telephone or by instructing your operator to do it.

Self Mute/Unmute— allow participants to silence their own telephone lines by pressing a keypad command on their telephones in order to reduce background noise from cell phones, speaker phones, etc.


Leader-ViewSM — use this simple web-based interface to get a private, real-time view of the participants on your call. You can view the names of individuals waiting to ask a question and other pertinent information. Leader-View helps you effectively manage investor relations calls and other public conferences.

Polling — survey your participants during your call by having an operator ask your predetermined questions and participants respond using their telephone keypads. Polling allows you to collect instant feedback and increases participants’ involvement in the call. After your conference, you receive a report with all responses that is organized by question and participant.

Question & Answer Session — give your participants the opportunity to ask questions during the conference. Participants indicate that they have a question using their telephone keypad, while the operator manages the question queue in a professional and orderly fashion.

Participant Report — capture your guests’ names, “on-the-line” times, phone numbers and up to four additional pieces of information you select as they dial into your event. This list is faxed or emailed to you for your reference so you’ll know who heard your message, who missed it and with whom to follow-up.

Encore Plus — allow participants who are listening to your Encore replay to respond to recorded polling questions using their telephone keypads. The responses are transcribed and sent to you in a report. Encore Plus can be used in conjunction with basic Encore or Encore Digital Recording Studio.

Encore Voice Prompts — let participants leave open-ended messages after dialing into an Encore recording. Encore Voice Prompts are used to capture your listeners’ names, company names or comments about the recording. The responses are transcribed and sent to you in a report.
Encore Reports — capture information about anyone who accessed your Encore recording. The information is transcribed and sent to you for your records.


Conference Lock — prevent additional participants, even the operator, from joining the conference by pressing a command on your telephone keypad. Conference Lock gives you the freedom to discuss confidential information in a secure environment.

Password/Passcode — restrict attendance and heighten security by requiring participants to provide the operator with a pre-determined word or code to join the conference.

Approved Participant List — indicate which participants are scheduled to be on the conference when creating your reservation. At the time of the call, only those on the list will be joined to the conference.

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