Create short, engaging video marketing messages

 Video Marketing Made Easy

Video is a powerful tool for communicating and marketing, and Proclaim gives you that power without requiring an advanced degree in video production.

A robust and at the same time simple and easy to use. this multimedia tool was designed to improve the value and ease of communicating with video.  The application is designed for use in sales, marketing, business, training, product launches and more.

For Business Communications

  1. Create short, motivational video messages to your  organization
  2. Roll in your video message with powerpoint during your meetings
  3. Reinforce your main points with visual illustrations.

Video Streaming Business communications

For Sales

  1. Add Video to your Social Media sites and website
  2. Keep your product and service in front of your audience
  3. Create call-to-action promos to generate leads

For Marketing

  1. Create a Video Webcast to launch  a new product
  2. Promote your events with Video email Messages
  3. Track who views your emails or attends your webcast

For Training

  1. Create and archive your training sessions to view live or on-demand
  2. Engage your audience with visual demos
  3. Track who attended your sessions

Quickly launch and Easily manage your video presentations

Feel the power of using a multimedia webcast communication tool with the same features professional communicators use , adding PowerPoint™ slides and rich media clips to any presentation. You can easily create recorded video messages that are available on demand or hold live meetings with a single click.

Access your library of video clips, audio, and PowerPoint™ slides to roll in at any time to add  life to your meetings

Proclaim stores a library of video and audio content and PowerPoint™ slides to roll in at any time to complement the presentation. You call on just the right  media pieces from your playlist to add substance and style to each personalized video meeting or message. Live meetings allow for personal interaction with video or text chat, and recorded video messages give the recipient the convenience of viewing anytime.


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We Will Show You How

  • Easily create a live compelling webcast event with video, sound and PowerPoint.
  • Upload your recorded video production to your Company Social Media Sites.
  • Broadcast your message via video newsletters.