Add visual Impact to Your Next Conference Event

Would your last conference call have been more productive if you had been able to use visual aids?  Would it have helped to be able to share the documents, programs, or applications you were working on with your co-workers?

Of course it would! If everyone could see the same thing on their screen at the same time, and make changes and comments in real time, everyone would probably leave the conference call feeling like their time was much more productive.

For your webcast, webinar or web conference we will:

  •     Help you determine the best web conferencing technology for your needs
  •     Set you up with the appropriate web technology
  •     Coordinate the conference call with the web technology
  •     Train you how to use the web technology
  •     Make sure your attendees successfully enter the event
  •     Provide online support during your event

We can support a Multimedia Webcast Event

  • As a hosted service
  • behind your own firewall for internal security
  • In a hybrid manner

Registration Services

Three types of Registration Services are available:

  • Live:  Participants dial into a registration number and leave their information with our operator.
  • Digital: Participants dial into a pre-arranged number to have their registration message digitally recorded.
  • Online: Participants log on to a website and enter the registration information into a form.

Special features and low pricing for conference call and online event management

Our experienced  operators are dedicated toward making your quarterly call, marketing seminar or web event an outstanding success from beginning to end.  We have many large companies and other conference call centers that out source their event calls to us, because of our knowledgeable, experienced, and professional character that goes into each call.

You will be assigned an event coordinator who will be responsible for making sure that each detail of your event is correctly setup and executed.  We will work with you to customize your call for all your special needs to make your event call the most productive for all who are involved.  This includes but not limited to:

  •     Take registrations
  •     Distribute invitation announcement by e-mail,  phone call, or fax
  •     Collect webinar fees
  •     Create an attendee list
  •     Pre-call and Test call consultations
  •     Create custom video or audio inserts that can be played during your live conference
  •     Record and archive your event for replay

 As a client expect  the following benefits:

  • Professionalism: High-touch operators ensure your conference is handled with care
  • Flexibility:  We offer you the choice of one or all of the conferencing services you need from ONE company, the choice is yours
  • Speed:  Conduct a conference, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as quickly as you can dial a phone
  • Customer Satisfaction:  You can call any member of our team or contact your Customer Service Representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and reach a live person
  • Quality:  Professional sound quality and operator response
  • Reliability:  Strong technology backbone
  • Cost-Effectiveness:  No set-up fees or monthly charges, pay only for the time used


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We support your online and teleconference events

We partnered with APlus Conference Event Services with over 50 years experience in the conference business to provide your staff with direct support and training for your Teleconference and online Events.

  • Teleconference with Registration, PowerPoint, Q&A, Polling,etc
  • Streaming Audio and Powerpoint
  • Streaming Video and Powerpoint

USA Conferencing has partnered with Aplus Conference Services with 50 years experience in managing Conference services and client support