Enterprise Connectivity Conferencing (ECC)

With Reservationless-Plus Toll Free Audio Conferencing

You want more control of your conference calls, but without the hassle of maintaining and supporting your conferencing solution. Enterprise Connectivity Conferencing (ECC) places minimal equipment on your premise while extending the InterCall network, operations and management to that equipment.

Don’t throw away countless dollars on an in-house system. ECC provides cost advantages similar to an ‘on-premise’ solution without the implementation pain, continuing support and maintenance on your end.

See an immediate reduction in the costs associated with a fully hosted audio conferencing by reducing transport expenses. The ECC enhancement to InterCall’s Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing service allows you to cut the expenses associated with toll and toll-free transport to the conferencing platform and avoid the difficulties and new costs linked with alternatives like on-premise conferencing systems.

Stay Connected Worldwide

Enterprise Connectivity Conferencing Service will close your communication gaps while making you more productive than ever before. ECC makes your conferences simple for you and the people joining your conference.

Ease-of-use: You receive a single list of international numbers in all regions,including toll and toll-free numbers.

Uniformity: All VoIP and PSTN users have the exact same service, call flow, conference call features and support available to them.

Consistency: If you have an existing InterCall conferencing account, you can continue to use the same conference code and leader PIN. You also still have access to your recordings, The Conferencing Center, audio integration with our web services and all other services.

Cost saving: Experience a lower cost for IP transport versus carrier transport through PSTN.

Productivity: Increase your efficiency and production by saving time and resources when you rely on InterCall’s 24/7 global support.

Security: The protection of your conference calls is managed through firewalls and session controllers. Placement of these will be designed with your organization to leverage your own WAN infrastructure.

Solid Foundation

ECC utilizes InterCall’s Reservationless-Plus conferencing platform, not a separate platform.All systems are built for the future to handle upcoming enhancements and features with today’s endless technology advancements.

  • ECC supports the extension of your networks into our conference center to fully realize the cost savings and functionality of your IP voice network.
  • You will maintain responsibility for intra-company communications of voice conferencing traffic to/from the hub site locations and control of your internal PBX numbering plans and call routing up to the  ECC connection point.
  • ECC will size and monitor the connectivity to support the appropriate amount of traffic.
  • Automatic overflow into PSTN from ECC is supported to ensure no change in user experience when on-net path is not functioning properly.
  • InterCall’s global conferencing platform with unmatched capabilities and reliability is utilized.

Start having easier, more productive meetings right from your desk. Contact us  to find out if this service is the right fit for your company or to learn more about the other conferencing options we have to keep you connected.

Easy Account Set Up

Order International conference calling account

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Connect on Multiple Continents

  • International Local Access in 50 cities worldwide
  • International Toll Free Service in 75 countries
  • International Dial-Out
  • Free VOIP Access PC-to-PC
  • 1-click mobile access
  • IPhone™, Blackberry™, Android Systems™
  • Schedule and launch meetings from Outlook™ and Lotus Notes™.
  • 24/7 Global Support Centers
  • Global Language Support

Seamless Integration with Multiple Web Conference Platforms

Global Network Access integrates seamlessly with WEBEX™, Adobe Connect Pro™, and InterCall Unified Meeting™ Microsoft Lync Online™

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